Lia Kim


     Lia Kim tracks her love of art and her inspiration back to her childhood fascination with fairy tales. She spent many happy hours drawing handsome princes and beautiful princesses in lovely costumes. Her active fantasy life still inspires her today. Lia Kim says, “I am still painting dashing men in stylish suits and fashionable women in exciting red dresses, coming alive in their favorite places as night falls.” The artist graduated from the Fine Art College at Seoul Women’s University and is currently affiliated with several art associations. She has exhibited extensively in both South Korea and the United States since 1995


Artist’s Statement

I was so fascinated with the characters of fairy tale I really enjoyed reading during my childhood. Those handsome prince & pretty princess had always drawn me into a world of fantasy where I discovered my favourite costumes of excitement. I was so happy to sketch men & women in style. Today I am still painting people in style. Like woman in red or man in black come alive as the night falls down.



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